Made from eccentric canvas-type fabric, combined with exotic silk and designed as an ode to all the timeless mavericks, with more fabulous memoirs and myths entwined in the materials used.

The 30-piece exclusive, limited range is split in to two separate collections, a ready-to-wear collection - SILK HARBOR - , and a luxury edition, with real hand embroidered sweet water pearls - PEARL HARBOR -.

Consisting of ageless, stand-out statement pieces that have a meaning and leave an impression.

Keeping the simple lines and classic cut of an all time power suit, but twisting it to fit in our modern vision of careless pirates, romantic nomads and today's counts of Monte Cristo.

Drawing inspiration from old-school glamour, powerful historical figures, androgynous styles, the Queens and Kings of all times and reminiscing about the times when dressing up was a culture, craftmanship was the highest skill and respect towards culture and art was common sense.

It is timeless class with an edge. dedicated to the curious and the wild, the attention seekers and culture keepers, the bold and the brave.