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'relax baby be cool' is a fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to the curious and the wild, the attention seekers and culture keepers, the bold and the brave. .
Established by Estonian-born mother and daughter creative duo, it is a collaboration between textile laborers that go back generations, enthusiastic futurists and invaluable helping hands.
Tailor-made, using only high quality fabrics with a slow fashion approach.
Beautiful, striking hues and atypical patterns are accentuated through relaxed silhouettes, no-fuss cuts, and timeless clean Northern lines reflecting the label’s aesthetics.


The mother-daughter team


Liis Boode - The Wide-Eyed Wa(o)nderer 

Having spent half of her life travelling, creating and fashion were always passions she was unable to let go.

Now, as a young entrepreneur she wants to give back and contribute to preserving the generations long textile art and ancient traditions.

Katrin Kiho - The Scissor-Hand

With the knowledge of the ins and outs of large scale garment production, a life long dedication to crafting and arts, and an eye for perfection, she is behind the process of giving life to all our products.



 “From the henna hands in the bright stalls of Jakarta, in the torn mochila over Singapore and Amsterdam, through the blue eyes of relentless seas with Estonian roots of knowledge and experience, Sparked from a situation, ironed with love, touched by the hands of a little magic, and pushed by the mountain.”


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