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Short Sleeve Wool Button Up Shirt Dress with Chest Pockets Black

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A classic button up shirt-dress made from thin wool with Songket details to add the cool.
Songket has a very old history dated back to a few hundred years where it was originated in India. In Indonesian tradition, songket is associated with Srivijaya, a wealthy 7th to 13th century maritime trading empire based in Sumatra. Previously, only the royals like the Sultan and the King were allowed to wear this luxury fabric.
It is a Malay term coined from 'sungkit' that means 'to hook'. The meaning is associated with the method of producing Songket, to hook and pick a group of threads, and then slipping the gold and silver threads through it. The gold thread used was originally wound with real gold leaf. Traditionally hand-woven in silk or cotton with intricate patterns, nowadays, it’s produced with machines, but nevertheless still magic.

Short sleeve button up shirt-dress with chest pockets
Classic cut with an edge
Skin friendly wool
Metal buttons